Hair Restoration For Men

Hair Restoration for Men In New Jersey

Hair restoration is an option for men in advanced stages of hair loss. This solution integrates real human hair into your existing hair using a process that is non-surgical and non-invasive. Men with male pattern baldness who have lost a substantial amount of hair due to genetics can benefit from our hair restoration services.

How Does Hair Restoration Work?

The grafting procedure is virtually undetectable. The style, color, and texture are matched to the client’s existing hair and blended to create a fuller and thicker appearance.  You can achieve virtually any hairstyle you desire and can change hairstyles as often as you like.

We have helped thousands of clients for over 50 years with our hair restoration services*.

* As with all hair loss restoration treatments, Individuals results may vary.

Service Price
Hair Enhancement System *
Permanent Attachment $95
Semi-Permanent Attachment $75
Hair Cut $42
Hair Color $50

* Cost based on customized program

Hair Restoration For Men Before & Afters

Male Testimonials & Videos Of Hair Restoration

Free Complimentary Consultation

Vito Mazza would like to offer you a FREE hair and scalp analysis. We will examine your hair and scalp condition and provide a recommendation on available products and treatment options. There is no obligation to purchase… this offer will not cost you anything other than 15 minutes of your time.

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