There are many safe effective treatments for hair loss, but they will take time before you will see noticeable results. What if you need hair immediately? Take a look at the following options for you to get the hair you want RIGHT NOW!

Hair extensions – Hair extensions are an easy way to achieve some added length and fullness or a splash of color to your existing hair. They can be added high on the temples and around the back and will give you the instant volume and length you are looking for. They will have to be maintained, but we can show you how easy they are to work with.

Toppers – If you have some thinning on the top or crown of your head, a topper is a great solution to fill in just that area that you need. You will have the length and fullness you are looking for immediately and they are super easy to maintain and care for. They come in many colors, lengths, and styles and can be cut and fitted by one of our HSW technicians.

Hair Enhancement – If you have more extensive hair loss and require additional coverage… hair enhancement is the solution for you. We have a way to restore your hair back to the way you remember it to be. We add real human hair to your existing hair using a non-surgical attachment method making it completely undetectable. You will have an instant full head of hair as well as the additional confidence that brings.

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