Everyone feels better when they are having a great hair day! When your hair looks healthy, full and shiny…everything is better, your job, your relationships and everything in between. On the contrary…when your hair looks bad, is damaged or has split ends, breakage and dull, you immediately feel it is all aspects of your life. It becomes hard to concentrate because you just don’t feel good about your appearance.

What is the last thing you do when you get dressed and ready to go out? You look at your hair and make a few quick adjustments and then head out for the day. If you don’t like what you see…it immediately affects your outlook.

We believe a healthy scalp is one of the keys to a healthy head of hair. When you achieve optimal scalp health, you give your hair the best chance to thrive. Just as fertile soil will yield a strong healthy plant, so too will hair when your scalp is nourished.

There has been extensive research which supports the fact that poor scalp health may contribute to damaged hair. If you are experiencing dandruff or flakiness, itchy scalp and irritation, dull lifeless hair or hair breakage you most likely have underlying scalp health issues.

If you are like most people, you will go to CVS or Walmart or any store that sells dandruff shampoo and hope for the best. Most of those over-the-counter products are too harsh for your hair and scalp but an all-natural, plant-based product regimen including scalp massage will likely yield your best results.

We offer our clients a therapeutic treatment which is like a day at the spa for your hair and scalp! We start with a scalp massage to increase stimulation and boost blood flow and oxygen supply to the scalp. We then use plant-based products to gently exfoliate the scalp removing toxins, free radicals, excess oils and product residue leaving your scalp naturally clean We follow that up with a deep cleansing natural shampoo and additional scalp massage to fully cleanse the hair and scalp. Finally, a deep conditioning treatment with hot towel will put moisture back into the hair and scalp leaving the optimal environment for your proper hair growth.

We recommend this treatment once per month to retain optimal scalp health and ensure proper hair growth.

Book your treatment today with Brianne and start your journey to a healthy and nourished scalp!


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