The Incredible Hair

Hair is one of the most incredible parts of the human body

  • It is stronger than copper wire, it is a natural that can absorb oil out of the water and is key to your physical appearance
  • Losing your hair will affect your entire life from your relationships to your professional endeavors. It is something that is definitely taken for granted until you start to lose it.

Here are some interesting facts about the human hair:

  • The average person has about 100,000 hairs but the number of actual hairs is determined by your hair color
  • Those with brown hair have an average of 110,000, red heads have about 90,000 and blondes can have 150,000.
  • A healthy hair can be stretched up to 30%
  • Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body
  • All of your individual hair follicles were formed before you were born
  • Some hair follicles produce single hairs, some produce 2 hair and some can even produce 3 hairs!
  • The average life cycle of a hair is about 3-6 years. Then it will fall out and another will grow in its place.
  • You should have 90% of your hair in the active growth phase in order to maintain a full head of hair. The other 10% will be either in the transition or resting phase.

If you would like to see how your hair is doing give us a call. We will show you your hair under microscope during your Free consultation!

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