Discovering hair loss after brushing hair.

Everyone washes their hair, but what about your scalp? Ordinary cleansing of the hair will do little for your scalp unless you are using products designed specifically for scalp health. I have seen many scalps under a magnification scope and what you see may surprise you. Most people have buildup from pollutants in the air, free radicals, daily product use, excess oils from the sebaceous glands, hard water, and other elements. We recommend a monthly scalp treatment to cleanse your scalp of all of the above. During a scalp treatment, your technician will gently massage your scalp with a mild abrasive that will clean and exfoliate the scalp ridding it of all unwanted damaging agents and leaving it clean and feeling minty fresh! A healthy scalp will certainly lead to healthy hair growth so remember to ask a client service representative to schedule a scalp treatment at your next hair appointment. Please note… we don’t recommend a scalp treatment before or after color services are performed so schedule yours when getting a hair cut or wash and blowout.

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