Medical Hair loss and the effects of Chemotherapy on the Scalp – 06/10/2021

Discovering hair loss after brushing hair

Losing your hair can be the worst part of the cancer experience.  Emotionally and physically, it can affect overall well-being.  We believe in customizing our support to every client and helping them through the journey of hair loss to re-growth. Chemotherapies and course of treatment vary, depending on the type and severity of the cancer.  Some clients lose all of their hair and others just thin out and become fine.  Not every client chooses to shave their head and there are many ways to navigate wearing a wig.  Respect and understanding to each person’s individual situation is key when helping others through medical hair loss.  Wig selection and custom ordering before the client needs it is part of the transition process.  We are dedicated to scalp care because chemotherapy can be drying to the skin and we want to be prepared for the re-growth process when the therapy is over. Wig care and scalp care are necessary and beneficial to medical hair loss clients. We understand your needs and made them all part of the service we provide.

  • Our Old Bridge and Woodbridge locations provide private, intimate settings for all services. This allows family and friends to join you for support if you choose.
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