Tackling the Fear of Hair Loss – 04/09/2021

Mature man looking at hair in mirror.

Hair shedding can be scary.  We also understand that many people feel like they just don’t have as much hair as they used to.  The internet can sometimes be a source of misinformation and many feel the distress of trying multiple options with no positive outcome. The concerns are real, however, there are options.  Sometimes just changing the routine and having a team of supportive professionals can help.  Sitting down and addressing the root cause of the problem can help us evaluate and formulate a solution.  Age, stress, genetics, medication, scalp care, hormones, diet, and illness can all contribute to hair loss.  We are here for you!  Emotional support is also an important part of the journey.  The fear of losing the hair can be debilitating and when it becomes a main focus in your daily life, that is when you know need to seek support and help.

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