Essentials for Basic Wig Care

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If you’ve experienced hair loss, wearing a wig can make you feel confident. But if you’ve never owned a wig before, you may be unsure about the best way to take care of it. Purchasing a quality wig is an investment, but with the right maintenance, you can wear your wig for years to come. Learn how to take care of a wig in this guide from Hair and Scalp Wellness by Vito Mazza.

Choosing a Wig

A wig is a head covering made from real or synthetic hair. The hair is sewn into strips that are sewn into a fabric cap. The strips are layered to create a natural appearance. Human hair wigs are very versatile, as they can be styled and colored just like regular hair. However, they tend to be more expensive than synthetic wigs. In contrast, a synthetic wig requires less maintenance. And because they’re more affordable, they may be a good option if you want to purchase multiple wigs. If you’re purchasing a single wig for daily use, a human hair wig will last longer, on average, than a synthetic wig.

How to Care for Synthetic Wigs

Though wigs can be worn in different styles just like human hair, they need specific care to stand the test of time. Use these guidelines to care for your wig:

Store Your Wig Correctly

While you can wear your wig all day long, you may want to take it off when you’re sleeping, or even just while relaxing at home. When you’re not wearing your wig, place it on a wig stand to help it keep its shape. If you own multiple wigs, you may want to purchase wig bags to protect them from dust, moisture, and sunlight when not in use.

Wash Your Wig Sparingly

In general, synthetic wigs need to be washed more often than wigs made with human hair. However, with both types, you need to be careful to wash the wig gently and sparingly to maintain the quality of the hair. Follow the guidance from the wig manufacturer, which will usually note how frequently you should wash the wig and if you need to use any special cleansing products. Cleveland Clinic recommends washing a synthetic wig at least once a month.

Avoid Heat

Heat styling tools can damage a synthetic wig. If your wig is made with synthetic hair, you should not use hot tools like a curling iron or straightener. If you have a wig made from human hair, it can withstand moderate heat. However, when you wash either type of wig, you should let it air dry instead of using a blow dryer.

Use the Proper Styling Tools

You should not use a standard hair brush on your wig. Use a special wig brush, which is designed with nylon or metal bristles to gently detangle strands. Brush your wig in small sections from the bottom up to minimize strain on the fibers. If your wig gets tangled, you can use your fingers to gently separate the strands. You can also purchase wig care products such as a mild detangling spray.

Whatever type of wig you choose, it can help to consult with a professional. The technicians at Hair and Scalp Wellness by Vito Mazza offer personalized guidance and support for clients who wear wigs. You can learn more about our services in our client testimonials.

Learn Wig Maintenance from Hair and Scalp Wellness by Vito Mazza

At Hair and Scalp Wellness by Vito Mazza, we’re committed to helping each client look and feel their best. Our expert technicians can provide wig care tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your investment. We also offer guidance on accessories like sleeping caps and scarves and can help you choose the makeup that best complements your wig. Serving clients in Old Bridge and Woodbridge, New Jersey, and the surrounding area, we offer expert service in a private and comfortable environment. To learn more about our wig services and medical hair loss solutions, contact us today.

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