After Cancer – What to expect when your hair grows back – 08/27/2021

Thinned hair following cancer recovery

Chemotherapy kills fast-growing cells, but when the chemo is out of your system your hair will grow back.  Many of our clients tell us that hair loss is often the hardest part of the cancer diagnosis.  We have heard clients say “I can deal with the diagnosis and the treatment, but I find it more difficult dealing with the hair loss”. We are here to assure you that if you are not on any extended medications, your hair will grow back.  Your new hair growth often comes in grey and will slowly cover the entire head.  We offer our clients natural, plant-based hair care products that can accelerate the growth cycle during this phase.  We also have many clients who receive monthly scalp treatments during this time which will gently exfoliate and stimulate hair growth.  Clients will sometimes see the new hair growth come in with a different texture or wave pattern than prior to treatment. Once you achieve about two inches of new growth, we can color your hair with a gentle, ammonia-free process. At this point… transitioning from wearing your wig, into a short hairstyle is part of the process.  Our thinning hair specialists are here to assist our cancer patients and help them look and feel their best during the entire journey. We are dedicated to helping you every step of the way!

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