Mature man looking at hair in mirror.

John’s hair loss Journey began in the 1990’s, losing his hair in his early 20’s. At first it was barely noticeable, but quickly became thinner in the crown and the temples. I remember him showing me pictures taken from different angles and you could clearly see what was happening. Like most, he started by visiting his primary doctor who ran some bloodwork and didn’t see any signs of an underlying condition.

His doctor said it was most likely androgenic alopecia, another name for genetic hair loss, and asked him if he would like to try a new drug called Propecia. He hadn’t heard of it so he began to do some research. John was so bothered by his hair loss that he would have tried anything and everything to stop the loss and regrow his hair.

John began using Propecia and was getting good results but began experiencing some side effects that were just too much to ignore. Propecia may cause sexual side effects including lack of sexual desire in some males. Being a young man, John decided to stop taking Propecia

Shortly after he stopped the Propecia, he began to see hair shedding and became desperate for another solution. John began to explore a hair transplant. After seeing a couple of surgeons and looking at some before and after photo’s John decided to try the transplant. Unfortunately for John, it was a horrible experience leaving him with a large scar in the back of his head and very little hair on the top of his head.

A female friend of John, who saw him suffering, asked him about trying a hair replacement system. She had seen the results on a friend of hers and wanted to share the idea with him. John immediately was against that option calling it a toupee and feeling embarrassed about the thought of it. After months of depression and anxiety, John was at the end of his rope. He decided to try a hair system and thought it would be just another option that didn’t work for him.

John found a hair replacement studio that was advertising a natural solution for hair loss. He met with the owner and decided to try it. At first the hair system felt foreign to him, but it did look very natural. He was feeling a little anxious about what hid family and friends would think as he had no hair one day and a full head of hair the next. It looked so natural that John felt confident seeing everyone with his new hair.

To his surprise, everyone was so supportive and were amazed how natural he looked! Could this be the answer John was looking for? As the days went on John began getting used to his new hair and his confidence started to grow and he felt whole again. John was so worried about what people would think but in reality, they didn’t care one way or the other. John did it for himself, for his confidence and appearance and others were happy for him. It took some time, but John had found what he was looking for and he was so happy he decided to try it. He never looked back and is leading a very happy and fulfilled life!

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