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Vito Mazza Salon & Spa opened their doors on Main Street Woodbridge in 1967. The family business started by Vito Mazza has been growing and thriving as a full service salon, spa and hair and scalp wellness center for over 50 years. The mission of outstanding client service and giving back to the community continue to be a priority while encouraging their clients and staff to Be Inspired. Be Beautiful. 

Our Old Bridge Location

In 2016, the family opened a more intimate location dedicated to Hair and Scalp Wellness in Old Bridge. Helping guests feel better about their appearance and customizing their services is what we are passionate about, especially those experiencing thinning hair and medical hair loss. 

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Free Complimentary Consultation

Vito Mazza would like to offer you a FREE hair and scalp analysis. We will examine your hair and scalp condition and provide a recommendation on available products and treatment options. There is no obligation to purchase… this offer will not cost you anything other than 15 minutes of your time.

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